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Office Moving Services Swindon

A. Luckes & Son Removals: We Will Simplify Your Office Relocation Swindon

Recent surveys carried out in 2020 show that Swindon is quickly becoming a preferred destination for conducting business as evidenced by the relocation of international companies and the mushrooming of many SMEs in the area. The spike in the construction of commercial properties across Swindon also show that the prospects of the area can only get better.

One of the ways that you can stay ahead of the competition in your line of work is to build your business in towns that have a huge growth potential like Swindon. Whether you are building a new start-up or opening a new office location, you will need the services of a seasoned and proficient moving company that operates across boroughs that are in close proximity to London like A. Luckes & Son Removals. While a removal company handles your relocation to Swindon, you can focus on setting up your business and getting to learn more about your new business operating environment.

What Are Some of The Reasons Why You May Need to Relocate Your Business to Swindon?

There are many reasons why you may need to relocate your business including:

-    To take advantage of the pocket-friendly and attractive commercial property lease rates in Swindon
-    To expand the reach of your business to prospective customers
-    To prime your business for growth
-    To take advantage of untapped markets
-    To explore new business opportunities
-    To get closer to suppliers and distributers

No matter the reasons for relocating your business, at A. Luckes & Son Removals, we can guarantee a comfortable and seamless move to your new office location in Swindon. 

Some of the reasons why most entrepreneurs entrust with office relocations include:

•    Established in 1996, we have close to three decades of services in offering quality and stress-free relocations as demonstrated by our industry reputation
•    Each of our clients get a project manager to plan and handle the relocation process. Your project manager will ensure that:

- The relocation is planned in such a way that your normal hours of operation are not interrupted

- The right health and safety protocols are followed by all people involved in the move especially during this pandemic period
- You are kept abreast of all developments and arising matters during your relocation process

•    Our entire pricing process is simple and designed to ensure that our clients make as much savings as possible. For example, we offer free online estimates, promotional discounts as well as dependable and professional office relocation services in Swindon at unbeatable market rates
•    We offer comprehensive relocation services which include disassembly of equipment and furniture, packing and assembly services when your items arrive at your new office location
•    We have consistently managed to earn industry awards and garner high ratings in professional bodies that keep track of customer opinions on the quality of services offered by service providers

What Are Some of The Office Relocation Services That We Offer at A. Luckes & Son Removals?

Our office relocation services across boroughs that are in close proximity to London include (But are not limited to):

-    Entire office relocations
-    Relocation of office items internally
-    Relocation of IT equipment
-    Safe storage and archival of office equipment and documents that you may not need

All indicators show that Swindon is primed to be a prime business hub in the UK in the years to come. The best time to set up an office or business enterprise in Swindon is now and we can help you do that easily and comfortably. The best part? Swindon also has great residential neighbourhoods where you can relocate your family! To talk to our highly-responsive team of skilled office relocation experts, you can call 01793 431 431 or, alternatively, you can get a free online estimate for your upcoming office move to Swindon by visiting

Qualities To Look For When Engaging The Services Of A Storage Company In Swindon

Contrary to popular belief, you do not just need the services of a storage company when relocating. There are many other reasons why you may need the services of a storage company including:

  1. -    When you want to de-clutter your home so that it can look more organised
  2. -    When you have insufficient space and are looking to create more space for new items you are about to purchase
  3. -    When you have guests and want to create de-congest your abode for easier movement
  4. -    When planning to get started on a home improvement project
  5. -    If you are collector who wants a safe space to store valuables that you have accumulated over time
  6. -    When you are looking to get rid of items that haver outlived their usefulness from your home

As a business owner, you may also need storage services for the following reasons:

  • -    When looking to get rid of old furniture or equipment so as to create space for more useful and practical items
  • -    When looking to archive important business documents

No matter the reasons why you need a storage company, one thing is undeniable: A quality storage company will help give you more usable space in your business or residence. Find out more:

Given that there are many companies offering storage services in Swindon, choosing a reliable yet affordable storage company can be a daunting task. Remember that you cannot be too careful when choosing a storage firm since some outfits do not have the appropriate infrastructure and management structure.

If you are looking for the best storage company in Swindon, this article will discuss the qualities you should look for in the ideal storage company.

Top Qualities to Look for When Engaging A Storage Company in Swindon

1.    Licensing

The ideal company should be duly licensed by local authorities to offer storage services. It should also be accredited by different professional and consumer bodies.

2.    Comprehensive Storage Services

The company of choice should offer a wide range of services often required during the storage process such as packing, delivery and unpacking. Additionally, it is good to go for a firm that offers both residential and commercial services.

3.    Flexible Hours of Service

It is best to deal with a company that offers services when you need them. For example, you should be able to access stored items any time that you need them be it day or night.

4.    Secure Storage Services

You should only engage a storage company if they can offer you peace of mind that your items will be safe in their warehouses. The ideal company should have fire and intruder alarms, secure locks, 24-hr CCTV surveillance as well as waterproof storage containers. Additionally, the firm of choice should have warehouses in a secure locale.

5.    Ease of Access

To enjoy the best convenience when storing your possessions, you should go for a firm that has warehouses which are designed to enable convenient access. For example, you should check to see if the warehouses are accessible to all persons and if you can load and unload your possessions without having to seek extra help externally.

If you are looking for a secure storage company in Swindon that meets all the qualities discussed above, A. Luckes & Son Removals & Storage is just right for you. To get in touch, simply dial 01793 431 431 or visit

A Local Removals Company Broad Blunsdon

If there is one thing that pretty much every move in Broad Blunsdon has in common it has to be that nasty five-letter word; stress! Indeed, whether the move is small, large, or somewhere in between, there always seems to be a never-ending to-do list, challenges that come up at the last minute and that nagging worry as to whether everything will go smoothly. 



Here at A. Luckes & Son Removals and Storage in Swindon, we have been part of so many moves in Broad Blunsdon we know all about those challenges, obstacles, and worries inside out and back to front. However, our experience means one thing for you as our potential client; we know how to minimize the stress levels every step of the way.

However, before we decide to partner up for your upcoming move in Broad Blunsdon, perhaps we should get to know each other a little better. Here are some things that we are sure you would like to know about us.

We Can Tick Plenty Of Your Moving Boxes

The thing about moving is that there are so many factors to try to juggle all at once. There is all of the packing to do, including ensuring that valuable and fragile items are going to make it from A to B safely. Then there is the big clean-up at the property you are moving from, as well as a potential big clean-up at the new property before you move in. Of course, not all moves can happen on the same day so sometimes there is the matter of short-term storage to organize on top of everything else. Are out already feeling those stress levels rise at just the thought of trying to organize different companies to care for each point on the list?

That is where we here at A. Luckes & Son Removals and Storage really come into our own. Indeed, when it comes to a local removals company Broad Blunsdon Swindon can be proud to call its own, we are all about exceeding the expectation. Not only will we care for your actual move but we can also take care of the packing, the cleaning, and the short-term storage. When you come to us, you get everything under one roof!

A Fully Insured Door-To-Door Service

The team that we have created is all about providing the highest standard of customer service. We offer a door-to-door move of your belongings and in doing so use techniques and materials, as well as necessary equipment, to ensure that each and every item that belongs to you has a safe and pleasant journey. We also ensure that all of our work is fully insured to give everyone that wonderful peace of mind.

The Bottom Line On Choosing A. Luckes & Son Removals

If you want to take away a huge amount of the stress associated with moving, and work with a team that will feel like 'part of the family' as they move you and your home from A to B, we would love for you to get in touch with us today; we are a local removals company Broad Blunsdon Swindon can surely be proud to call its own!




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